Congreso Observes National Day of Mourning

Julia Rivera, External Affairs Director:

Today, we join the civil rights community across the Nation, in observing a National Day of Mourning. Together, we grieve the lives lost and reflect on the injustices and inequality that have targeted our Black and African American communities and tainted our Nation’s history. We honor and reflect on the life of George Floyd and, as a Congreso Familia, we are committed to addressing the root causes that, without change and reform, will continue to plague our collective mission for justice and equality.

Congreso’s daily work and values are reminders of the hope for change that exists. We have witnessed once again throughout the past few days that our community is strong and united. We look to ourselves as examples and leaders that know a better future is possible, one without injustice, racism and violence, and while our hearts are heavy as we mourn the many lives lost, our spirits look to tomorrow and the work needed to be done.

Congreso, after working for more than 40 years in our communities, stands ready to work deeper through our inclusive programs and community partnerships to address systemic racism, violence, conscious and unconscious bias. To the family of George Floyd and the many families with lives taken unjustly, today we mourn with you and we pledge to honor their place in history as catalysts for change and a better and brighter future.

In Solidarity,

Esperanza Martinez Neu, Board Chair

Carolina DiGiorgio, President & CEO

Julia Rivera, External Affairs Director