Ana Ikeda Successfully Purchases her First Home

Ana Ikeda came to Congreso after being referred by some of her co-workers at Walmart.

They knew about what Congreso had to offer and encouraged her to seek out our services. She was looking to make her dream of being a homeowner a reality.

Being from Peru, Ana and her husband faced various challenges navigating new systems in the US. Luckily, Congreso’s housing team was able to support Ana through every step of the process.

The timing was critical as the pandemic affected Ana and her family with rent prices rising and hours at work decreasing.

The housing program was able to provide both education on the homebuying process and financial assistance.

Congreso was thrilled to support Ana to experience the American dream of owning her own home. Now, she doesn’t have to continue worrying about the rising cost of rent.

To learn more about our housing program, visit their page with the link below: