Congreso de Latinos Unidos Board of Directors Stand United

Congreso Marketing

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



The Board of Directors of Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc. acknowledges the concerns expressed by some community groups over CEO, Carolina Cabrera DiGiorgio’s attendance at a political rally held last month in Harrisburg. “While we do not support any administration’s policies that could negatively impact the Latino community we serve, we do remain supportive of and confident in Carolina’s leadership and vision for Congreso”, said Board Chair, Esperanza Martinez Neu on behalf of Congreso’s Board of Directors.

For four decades, Congreso has been a leader in Philadelphia’s Latino community. During that time, we have developed and maintained strong relationships with local, state and federal governments represented by both political parties. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we encourage and support all Congreso employees to be engaged civically and politically in their personal lives.

The foundation of Congreso’s success has been our consistent appreciation of and respect for diversity of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, cultural and racial backgrounds, and – just as significant – freedom of thought.

Carolina, a Latina immigrant, has for many years been a steadfast supporter of Congreso and the community it serves. Additionally, she has a demonstrable record of dedicated community service in a number of non-profit organizations. Furthermore, she has a genuine devotion to our most disadvantaged individuals, and the ability to remain unbiased and focused with regard to complicated matters affecting the community. Under Carolina’s leadership, we expect Congreso will have a strong voice advocating for issues important to the Latino community.

We look forward to continuing to serve our beloved community and welcome all individuals to our Congreso family and home.

• Esperanza Martinez Neu, Board Chair

• Julio Correa, Vice Chair

• Andreina Perez Hein, Secretary

• Robert Ahrens, Treasurer

• Rob Wonderling, Board Member

• Fernando Mendez, Board Member

• Dave Lenowitz, Board Member

• Maria Arias, Board Member

• Abelardo Lechter, Board Member

• Anthony Rosado, Board Member

• Sid Smith, Board Member

• Paula Sunshine, Board Member


About Congreso: Founded in 1977, Congreso’s mission is to strengthen Latino communities through social, economic, education and health services; leadership development and advocacy. Congreso served 17,064 individuals in FY16 through its education, employment, health and social services.