Congreso’s COVID-19 Update

Julia Rivera, External Affairs Director:

PHILADELPHIA (March 12, 2020) – Congreso is taking proactive measures to prioritize the health and safety of everyone in the Congreso Familia. We understand that these are challenging times for our community and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to monitor the situation and make difficult decisions to adapt our plans and operations accordingly.


The following proactive measures for social distancing and prevention have been implemented:

  • cancelling non-essential staff and programmatic events and meetings
  • physically closing Congreso on Fridays until further notice for regular deep cleaning
  • postponing the Congreso Gala Latina originally scheduled for Saturday, March 21st
  • making accommodations for staff at all levels to work remotely
  • encouraging staff, clients, and all visitors to stay home if feeling ill
  • offering services remotely by phone or digitally when possible
  • increasing daily cleaning measures
  • screening all visitors for health and exposure risks
  • requesting notification of exposure or positive testing by staff and clients


The safety and health of all in the Congreso Familia is our top priority. During this trying time, we are grounded by our Congreso values of “Safety” and “Adaptability.”

  • Safety – “We work in ways that create safe and healthy environments that offer protection from harm and healing and well-being for all. “
  • Adaptability – “We rely on the resilience and resourcefulness of our employees, clients, and community to adjust to changing conditions while maintaining our commitment to meaningful outcomes.”


We send well wishes of health, calm, and hope to all!