Register to Vote

In addition to providing services to more than 58,000 community residents over the last five years, Congreso actively encourages its eligible youth and clients to register to vote.

Forms are available here and in person at Congreso where a staff person will be happy to assist with the completion of the form if needed:

Congreso Headquarters
216 West Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Congreso Education and Training Center
2800 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133


In addition, NCLR and mitú have partnered to get all eligible Latino voters registered! Visit

For additional voter registration information, we encourage you to visit:


Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law was deemed to violate the state constitution. Therefore, only first time voters and those who are voting at a new poll site for the first time are required to show ID at their polling place.

Pennsylvania governor won’t challenge ruling striking down voter ID law

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down as Judge Cites Burden on Citizens