Denise Bernheim

VP, Fiscal Operations

Denise is Vice President of Fiscal Operations at Congreso. As VP of Fiscal Operations she ensures proper accounting of grants, contracts and special events. Denise oversees the Fiscal Operations of the Budget Analyst, Cash Receipts, and Fiscal Operations Team. Her role includes working with government funders, granters, and our year end outside auditors to ensure proper compliance, quality assurance, and best practices. It is important to her that all divisions are given consistent communication and positive results when working with the Fiscal Department. Denise looks forward to being a part of Congreso’s mission to help the community achieve self-sufficiency and well being.

Denise worked for a CPA Firm during college and after 2 years at York College took a manager position in accounting at a Printing Company. She completed her four year degree to become the Controller of the Printing Company in Philadelphia. Continued her work as an auditor of private schools and became the Controller of their curriculum division. Realizing the passion she had for the education of children she started a non profit business. She joined Temple University’s Board for the prevention of school violence, wrote several grants and started after school programs in middle and high schools in Philadelphia to keep children off the streets and in a safe learning environment. Her continued career in education included the Director of Fiscal Operations at Child Care Information Services.

Other positions include Fiscal Director for a non-profit working with participants with mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness. Additional positions include grant reviewer for 21st Century Grant awards, and due diligence work for new business purchase.

Denise loves to read, work out, shop, and social golf, she enjoys her beautiful family and feels blessed to have so many wonderful people in her life.