Congreso Statement Regarding the Chauvin Verdict

Julia Rivera, Vice President of External Affairs & Strategic Initiatives | | 267-475-8460

April 20, 2021

As we receive the verdict from the criminal case for the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, Congreso continues to mourn the violence and loss of life experienced in Black and Brown communities in America. As we look to the past, present and future, we acknowledge that when authority is misused, especially by law enforcement, the impact and trauma experienced cannot be overstated or overshadowed. It must be acknowledged and healed with compassion and commitment to action. We must reflect on the role that our law enforcement, and that each of us, plays in identifying injustice, exercising our power and influence, and affecting positive change that values every life, every dream, and every soul with respect, dignity, and opportunity. We continue to believe Black Lives Matter.

We recognize the power of partnerships, accountability and a vision for a future where all individuals and communities feel protected and valued, alongside a community and law enforcement and justice system that is built upon a foundation of equity, transparency, trust and accountability.

We acknowledge the road has and continues to be long and filled with many challenges and flaws. As such we cannot overstate the urgency for collective action, for change, and for equitable reform. At Congreso, we remain committed to doing our part to ensure that everyone that walks through our door feels valued, safe, and welcomed and to use our influence to advocate for positive change.

Our commitment is guided by our core values of:

  • Equality – we are most effective when we listen first to understand and respect on another’s ideas, beliefs and practices, especially those different from our own.
  • Safety – we work in ways that create safe, healthy environments that offer protection from harm and healing and well-being for all.

We will continue to listen and learn, to inclusively and impactfully serve, to hold ourselves accountable, and to stand for equity and equality.

Congreso remains hopeful that together with our community partners and through our voices, our mission and our actions we will continue to honor the call for change and a better tomorrow.

Yours in Service and on behalf of,
Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc.

Andreina Hein, Board Chair
Carolina DiGiorgio, President & CEO