Tatyana’s Journey from Congreso’s EMT Program to Jefferson Hospital

“I’ve always had an interest in working in the health field, so I thought the first steps to that would be to join Congreso’ EMT program,” said Tatyana, a recent EMT program graduate.

Congreso’s EMT program is 15 week course that enables students to acquire the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification.

While enrolled in the program, Tatyana came across personal challenges such as having to take care of her siblings, reducing her hours at work, and at one moment, unstable housing.

“There was a point during the program where I was faced with some housing instability, I really felt discouraged and felt like I wasn’t going to be able to finish the program.”

However, thanks to the relationship she had built with the Congreso EMT instructor, help soon arrived.

“Congreso was able to help me with rental assistance… they provided me with a stipend for me to give to my landlord. That relieved a lot of my stress.”

Brendi Lopez, Congreso’s Housing Counselor Manager, reiterates how important it is that Congreso provides holistic services to the community.

“Students who are enrolled in our education and workforce programs sometimes find themselves struggling in other areas of life… together with our program instructors, we try to reassure the students that we are here to help holistically.”

Tatyana’s success in the EMT program allowed her to “get her foot through the door” in the health field – she now works at Jefferson Hospital.

“I think programs like this can instill hope and trust back into the community because we can get assistance with education, housing, you name it… it makes a difference in our lives.”

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