Truancy Prevention

Congreso’s Truancy program provides assistance and advocates for children/families that struggle with attendance and those who have been referred to Regional Truancy Court.  The goal is to increase the capacity of families to provide positive and empowering support that enhances the child’s academic environment, and ultimately,  eliminating unexcused absences.  Our team strives to advocate and facilitate the development of positive supporting relationships necessary between the children/families, schools, and the judicial system to address academic and social barriers. 


Marissa Rosenfeld, Program Supervisor | Phone: 267-836-5317 | Email:

Diana Sabater, M.S., Program Supervisor | Phone: 267-356-8388 | Email: 

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for Truancy Intervention & Prevention services, students must be referred by their schools:

  • Ad Prima Charter School – Frankford
  • Adaire, Alexander
  • Alternative Middle Years (AMY) at James Martin
  • Brown, Henry A.
  • Conwell, Russell
  • Dunbar, Paul L.
  • Elkin, Lewis*
  • Hackett, Horatio B.
  • Kensington CAPA*
  • Kensington Health Sciences Academy*
  • Kensington HS*
  • Ludlow, James R.
  • Maritime Academy Charter High School
  • Mastbaum, Jules E. (Avts) HS*
  • Mckinley, William*
  • Memphis Street Academy Charter School at J.P. Jones
  • Moffet, John
  • Penn Treaty*
  • Philadelphia Military Academy
  • Richmond
  • Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School
  • Sheridan, Philip H.*
  • The U School
  • Webster, John H.*
  • Willard, Frances*
  • Young Scholars Charter School

*Congreso Satellite office


  • Served 410 students during the SY 20-21
  • 283 were early intervention services (students with 6+ unexcused absences) 
  • 127 were court appointed (students with 10+ unexcused absences)