PA Property Tax/Rent Rebate

Are you a Pennsylvania homeowner and/or renter? You may be eligible to apply for The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program and receive up to $1,000!


Miriam Figueroa | Email:

Eligibility Requirements

Age Criteria:

  • ​​​65+
  • Widows and widowers 50+
  • People with disabilities 18+

Income Criteria:

  • ​​Your household income must be $45,000 or less ​annually

Required Documents for Application:

​​1) Identification for everyone 18+ in household

  • Birth certificate
  • Blue Cross or Blue Shield 65 Special Card
  • Church baptismal record
  • Driver’s license or PA identification card
  • Hospital birth record
  • Naturalization/immigration paper, if age is shown
  • Military discharge paper, if age is shown
  • Medicare card
  • ​Passport

2) Social Security Cards for Everyone in household

3) Proof of income for 2023 & 2024

4) Most recent utility bill

3) Proof of property taxes or rent paid

  • For homeowners: This should be submitted in the form of receipted tax bills for the year being claimed.
  • For renters: This can be a rent certificate completed by your landlord or their authorized agent, or if your landlord’s signature cannot be obtained, a rent certificate with the affidavit notarized.

Downloadable Documents