Our Story

Founded in 1977 by a group of Puerto Rican activists, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to enable individuals and families in predominantly Latino neighborhoods to achieve economic self-sufficiency and well being.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Congreso is a leading provider of high-quality programs in the areas of education, workforce development, housing, health, and parenting with an expert focus on the Latino community. Its Primary Client Model (PCM™), which ensures a client-centered, data-driven approach to service delivery, is the foundation for Congreso’s platform establishing clear standards and ongoing opportunities for learning and growth.

Congreso’s Mission 2 Impact highlights the agency’s focus on innovation, design, and long-term outcomes as we implement our theory of change.

Theory of Change

In 2018, Congreso embarked on a systemic review of the agency’s mission, impact, and strategic approach to its work. Congreso refreshed its Theory of Change after a decade of organizational growth and a two-year planning process, resulting in an updated mission, target population with outcomes clearly tied to our “womb-to-work” service continuum. While Congreso has a 40-year history of providing high quality services in Eastern North Philadelphia, the Theory of Change refresh and implementation, titled Mission to Impact (M2I) is an intensive, agency-wide effort to ensure that the services are continuously being evaluated and truly meet the needs of clients and the community.  

Congreso believes that sustainable change occurs when we invest in addressing the underlying cause rather than the symptom. As poverty limits the choices of our families, Congreso’s intent is to transform the lives of individuals and families in predominantly Latino neighborhoods by moving them up the economic ladder and ultimately out of poverty. Congreso has committed to doing this by focusing on education and employment, simultaneously providing  supportive services in health, housing, and parenting necessary to guarantee successful outcomes.

Congreso’s Theory of Change is designed to help the organization enhance its capacities and resources, administrative and management strengths, programming and program alignment, and staff capabilities in order to maintain and improve the effectiveness of its services, and maximize its impact.

Congreso Over the Years

Learn about our story and the many Congreso milestones that were highlighted as part of the agency’s 25th & 40th Anniversaries. We are grateful for all of the special moments and people that have allowed Congreso to evolve into a steadfast community institution that continues to serve and support thousands of individuals and families each year.