Primary Client Model

Congreso‘s proprietary Primary Client Model (PCM™), adopted in 2007, defines our client-centered, data-informed, and culturally appreciative approach to service delivery. This trademarked model improves the integration of Congreso’s comprehensive services, resources, and information sharing, while establishing service delivery standards and talent development opportunities. The approach leverages Congreso‘s use of data to track client progress and inform interventions. PCM™ deliberately moves the focus of client relationships beyond service brokering to focusing on essential social work skills that foster positive outcomes and meet clients where they are. Employees at all levels of the organization are now trained in this approach and are provided ongoing spaces to learn new skills, discuss central pieces of the model in practice, and debrief shared experiences.

Congreso is truly committed to ensuring the provision of quality services to the community and the evolution of our service delivery. There are regular opportunities for employee feedback on how to improve the model. Along with this commitment is also the responsibility for relevant and essential professional development and training opportunities for staff. The PCM Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from all levels of the organization, helps shape the direction of trainings and further development of the model.

To learn more about Congreso’s Primary Client Model (PCM™), please reach out to Lohanny Ramos, Talent Development Director at