Teen Parenting – ELECT Program

The Philadelphia ELECT program, funded by the School District of Philadelphia, is a comprehensive network of education, health, and support services designed to assist pregnant and parenting teens in completing their education and becoming self-sufficient. 


Lamar Brennan, Director of HS Services | Email: Brennanl@congreso.net

Program Services

  • Educational and social services support, along with parenting skills training, to pregnant and parenting teens on site within schools and via home visits.
  • Helps participants improve graduation rates, improve daily attendance, improve progress on Standardized Tests.
  • Helps pregnant and parent teens acquire important knowledge and skills in the areas of health, community resources on legal issues, academics, career preparation, parenting education and life skills.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students (of any gender) can participate if expecting a baby or are parenting
  • Must be in school or GED program
  • Under 22 years of age

Helpful Links

Philadelphia School District Website – ELECT Program