Taryn Hilton Graduates from Human Services Pathway Program & Join’s Congreso’s ELECT Team

The Human Services Pathway program (HSP) is designed to prepare students for employment in the human services field. This new certification program teaches students how to apply the Strengths-Based Family (SBF) approach in direct services.

Since the program started in January 2020, 57 students have successfully completed the program at Congreso.

HSP proved successful when Taryn Hilton, a member of the program’s first class, joined the Congreso Familia!

The traditional college route was not an option for Taryn, and through HSP, she was able to open a door to education, opportunities, and resources.

In September 2021, Taryn was hired as a Data Entry Specialist in Congreso’s ELECT Team. Welcoming Taryn with open arms, HSP allowed her to gain confidence and join the Congreso network.

As a new member of the ELECT Team, Taryn works with pregnant and parenting students. ELECT supports the students with completing high school and accessing resources based on their needs.

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