Congreso Stands Committed to our Values & Community

Julia Rivera, Director of External Affairs: | 267-475-8460

We join our communities today with heavy hearts as we process the recent events that have challenged each one of us to reflect on our values. Today, and every day, we remind ourselves of our core values and the work yet to be done across our Nation. We love our City and are dedicated to serving and supporting it as we move forward.

At Congreso, we are firmly committed to equality and also to safety, cultivating a community that offers healing and that cares for the well-being of all. Guided by our strong values, we are a human services organization that prides itself on our welcoming and inclusive spirit of “familia” and “mi casa es su casa” to all. During these challenging times, we turn to our definitions of equality and safety below as a reminder of the values that guide our work.

Equality: We are most effective when we listen first to understand and respect one another’s ideas, beliefs and practices, especially those different from our own.

Safety: We work in ways that create safe, healthy environments that offer protection from harm and healing and well-being for all.

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